In the community

Westpac helicopter

Good business practice is all about giving back to the community, that is why we regularly make donations to the good people at Westpac Helicopter.




At Albany ITM we’ve worked with great organizations such as Rotary and help provide materials and services to the various projects they have going in and around our communities, most notable was the work in the Pacific Islands.



Kristin school

Kristin school is one of the forefronts of education for our youngsters and top quality education starts with top quality facilities. That is why Albany ITM provides Kristin with the best materials so they can continue developing their school and nurture the education of the people of tomorrow.




Our good friends across the road also benefit from our work in providing the best materials at the lowest prices. Pinehurst is a productive proactive school that, like Kristin requires the best in facilities for it’s students, and we’re proud to be apart of that.