Our customers are part of the movement that is currently expanding Auckland and producing quality houses in not only rural but also suburban areas. These customers frequently service areas as far north as Whangarei and as far south as Hamilton and Tauranga



Our residential customers are at the forefront of architectural designs with houses that boast elongated lines and angles that are pleasing on the eye. Us here at Albany ITM aim to assist our builders in anyway possible so that they can ultimately finish these high quality builds in a time, on target and within budget. 

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Group builders

Our group builders currently have a large focus on Hobsonville Point, Millwater, and Longbay developments. these developments have created space for thousands of new homes in and around the Auckland area in order to cool the ever so hot property market. Mike Greer Homes, GJ Gardner and Cranston Homes are the main housing companies that we are currently dealing with and all provide a service that assists couples and individuals in building quality homes.

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Our commercial sector has a solid footing in the booming construction industry infiltrating Auckland over the past few years. Commercial builds require precision timing to ensure building handover dates are maintained. Our large fleet of trucks enables our customers to place orders and receive same day delivery if certain criteria are met. this service enables their onsite builders to continue working if materials are running low. 

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